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Rooms & Reservations Management

OTO Frontdesk provides you with an intuitive interface to manage rooms and reservations, making it easy to keep track of bookings, availability, and pricing.

Suitable for small bed and breakfasts, small hotels, medium and large hotels. With our app, you can simplify the reservation process, improve efficiency, and provide a better guest experience.

Additionally our room management app and POS app are designed to work seamlessly together, providing you with a single system to manage all aspects of your hotel operations

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Our Frontdesk App comes with a variety of features, below is a list of the main features of our app.

Room Reservations

Powerful tools that can help you manage your hotel rooms, reservations, and bookings with ease and efficiency.

Real-time availability

Our Frontdesk app allows you to manage your room availability in real-time, ensuring that your guests can book rooms when they're available.

Reporting and analytics

Our app provides you with valuable insights into your sales data and inventory levels, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to grow your business.

Online booking

OTO Frontdesk is designed to integrate seamlessly with your website booking engine, making it easier for your guests to book their stay online.

POS Integraton

Our Frontdesk app integration with our POS and users will be able to post bills guests' rooms

Guest management

Easily manage guest information, including contact details, booking history, preferences, and special requests

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OTO Frontdesk

A solution for hotels and lodging establishments

Powerful tools that can help you manage your hotel rooms, reservations, and bookings with ease and efficiency.

Customizable bills

OTO offers a customizable bill layout that allows businesses to enhance their brand image, increase customer recognition

Customizable Payment Methods

Whether you prefer to accept cash, credit cards, mobile payments, or any combination thereof, our app has you covered

Custom pricing

Set custom pricing for different room types, seasons, and promotions, giving you the flexibility to adjust your prices to meet demand.

Integration with other systems

Integrates with our point of sale (POS) system. To help you streamline operations and reduce manual data entry.

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Are you tired of managing room reservations and bookings manually? Do you struggle to keep track of room availability and pricing? OTO Frontdesk software is here to help.